Is This a Good Time to Look for a New Job?

As highlighted in our recent blog on the Great Resignation, the pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for people across the UK and the wider world. There have been understandable concerns about the impacts on personal health, job security, and finance. Previously thriving businesses have been forced into making redundancies and placing their staff members on furlough.


It’s hardly surprising that such major changes have prompted people to reprioritise and consider fresh employment opportunities. But is now the best time to be looking for a new job? And how can candidates make sure that they stand out within a competitive post-pandemic employment market? Read on as we answer these key questions.


Signs that it’s time for a change

There’s no denying the unique nature of your personal situation and professional characteristics. You might have been lucky enough to have been working for a business within a sector that has been unaffected or benefited as a result of the pandemic. Nonetheless, there are a number of factors that may signal the need for a career change.


Perhaps you’ve been considering the prospects of a career switch for some time. Such thoughts might have been brought about by a lack of engagement and motivation within your current role. You may feel that your contributions aren’t being recognised and that you just don’t fit in with your colleagues. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed working from home during the pandemic and are dreading a return to the office.


At the very least it’s worth having a think about such factors and deciding whether they are enough to prompt a change of jobs.


Reasons for optimism

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the prospect of finding jobs in Lincolnshire. The success of the vaccination program and the lifting of restrictions have had a positive impact on the recruitment market. Businesses are now looking to cater for a great increase in demand, with 5 million more vacancies being opened than at the start of the pandemic.


You might have been concerned about the media reports, telling of the high number of redundancies made over the last 18 months. However, it’s worth considering that Covid merely accelerated the trends that were already apparent within a variety of industries. And the introduction of new technologies has actually opened up a number of opportunities that weren’t available before.


There are more vacancies being advertised within some industries now than there were in 2019. Research carried out by CV-Library has revealed a 103% increase in public sector vacancies and a 98% rise in the availability of agricultural jobs. The number of advertised positions has also increased within the social care, educational, and distribution sectors. Now might be the time to make the most of your transferable skills and knowledge.


Keen to enjoy renewed success within the post-pandemic economy, a number of businesses are offering attractive incentives to prospective candidates. There’s the potential for receiving a substantial bonus and desirable salary should you take up the offer of employment within a haulage firm or supermarket. You could also leverage the demand for your expertise through the arrangement of flexible working – giving you the chance to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


Getting to work with Benjamin Edwards

No matter whether you’ve been out of work for some time or simply planning your next career move, you can boost your recruitment prospects with Benjamin Edwards. With an established reputation as one of the best recruitment agencies in Lincoln, we’re confident of finding and securing the role that’s right for you. While many of our vacancies are advertised on well-known job sites, we also fill positions through direct networking, headhunting, and our existing contacts. So go ahead and give us a confidential call on 01522 412066.





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