How much are you worth now? Four pieces of advice from us on how to communicate your salary expectations…

Discussing salary expectations can be a daunting prospect. Many candidates find discussing their salary expectations can be difficult.

What your job may have been worth pre-COVID may have collapsed because of a flood of candidates in the market and lack of jobs, or because your new employer is being efficacious about the future. How much are you worth now?

1. Do your research

Particularly if you’re going to be going into a new role or if you’re going through a career change, be sure to research what sort of salary is expected for your role choice within your geographic area. Use job sites and pick the brain of your recruiter to be sure. You need to consider your skills, experience, location and potential. The key is flexibility, both on your behalf and your future employer. Do not be too dogmatic.

2. Seek your recruiter’s advice

Talk with your recruiter who will be able to put forward suitable roles that meet your expectations. When they do this, it’s important you’re honest with them and let them know if the roles they’ve suggested don’t sit in line with your expectations. From here, they’ll be able to offer valuable advice as they’ll be aware of the market rate for your role and level of experience.

3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Usually, if the employer wants to make you an offer they will do via the recruiter. Think about the offer fully before you decide to accept and don’t be afraid to talk to your recruiter about the offer and see if there is any room to negotiate.

4. Communicate with confidence

Whether you’re talking to your recruiter or your interviewer, communicate with confidence. Typically, your salary expectations will be discussed primarily with your recruiter and not usually at the interview, however, this isn’t always the case. Whoever you discuss this with, make sure you communicate confidently by sitting up starlight, making eye contact and answering simply. Try saying things like “I’m looking for X amount because of my skills and experience at Y and Z. What’s your opinion?” Rather than just simply stating “I am looking for X”

We hope these tips offer some valuable advice on discussing salary expectations. If you’re looking for a new role, get in touch with us at Benjamin Edwards Recruitment today.

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