5 skills you should look for in every CV

As a recruiter in Lincolnshire, it is vital to be able to pick out the most relevant skills from an applicants CV. We keep an open eye for not only industry-specific requirements but also those strengths that can be applied to any position.

When analysing the CVs we get sent every day, we need to be able to go beyond the skills listed and review the candidate’s achievements, experiences and the results that they have obtained in order to unearth the core skills that are fundamental to any role.

1. Ambition

A candidates ambition and drive will be mirrored in all aspects of their CV. When we read through the way the candidate details their previous experiences, their ambition to process and develop becomes apparent.

It’s important to look for result driven examples that fully document how the candidate has contributed to company goals whilst also working to achieve individual targets both inside and outside of the workplace.

We are always on the lookout for candidates who are passionate about the results they obtain and can explain how they plan to maintain such results going into a new role.

2. Teamwork

Perhaps something obvious but also something of utmost importance is the ability for the candidate to work well as both an individual and part of a team.

We look out for a candidate’s aptitude to not only express their own responsibilities/achievements within their current role but also to be able to link these to how their actions affected the overall team or organisation.

It’s important to not just look for how a candidate has previously performed during team or group projects/activities but to also evaluate how their individual actions have played a part and supported their work team.

3. Strategy Planning

Linking back to skills affecting both the individual and their team takes us through to the candidate’s strategic planning skills. The candidate should be able to plan their own workload and develop actions to ensure the success of goals set for both themselves and their team.

Thinking strategically and the ability to work in line with a set plan should be evident throughout an applicant’s career and educational history.

4. Problem Solving

We look out for candidates who are able to identify the problems they face and be able to bring forward new methods or ideas to overcome the issue.

A candidate with strong problem-solving skills will be able to identify issues, define goals, assess alternatives and implement solutions.

5. Negotiation/Influencing and the ability to compromise

Negotiating isn’t a skill just for those in sales roles. Whether a candidate can negotiate with clients, suppliers or internal staff, the capacity to negotiate is a sort after skill. Most candidates won’t add this skill to their CV unless they are applying for a sales based role. Look for examples where the candidate has worked to find solutions and has overcome obstacles as a part of a team.

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