Hire an interim accountant and kick start your business

In these uncertain times, businesses need to adapt to survive. Hiring an interim accountant for your business could prove a game changer. Here we explore the benefits of hiring an interim manager and explain that this solution is not just for FTSE 100 companies, the public sector or large international corporations.  An interim accountant is just as suitable for small organisations or family enterprises.

Let’s explore some of the advantages:

  • Outcomes – an interim can be hired to deliver you specific outcomes. You may have a particular challenge or a specific business problem. An interim manager will advise you on the situation and implement the solution.
  • Speed of recruitment – when you take on an interim there is no protracted take on process. Here at Benjamin Edwards we maintain a database and close contact with our interim accountants and carry out due diligence before every assignment, assuring you of their experience, regulatory compliance and qualifications.
  • Cost effective – interim accountants are independent experts, hired at short notice for limited periods to provide you with extra resource. When the assignment is completed, they will leave with no fuss and no redundancy or severance pay.
  • Flexibility – in an unpredictable environment, you need to be lean enough to compete and agile enough to respond to changing circumstances. Hiring an interim  allows you to expand and contract to cater for peaks and troughs.
  • Motivated to work for your best interests – interims are focused on the task in hand and as professional and independent executives, you are their client and as such they will not be fettered by internal politics.

Consider the interim option for:

  • Maternity cover
  • Have a particularly busy period coming up
  • Need your business turning around
  • Need assistance with a particular project
  • Have a particular skill or expertise that you need for a short period – interim assignments can be booked on a weekly basis
  • Need support when a key member of your functional staff move on or retire.

Who are interim accountants?

Interim accountants are usually independent, senior level experienced executives. They move around from project to project assisting companies until the project or problem is resolved. They can be used to bridge the gap until you find the right replacement and indeed will help you recruit the right person into that permanent seat. Working on site, to your agreed outcomes they are accountable to you and you will be paid for the agreed days on a contract basis. They will have their own insurance and be responsible for keeping their accreditations up-to-date. They are very experienced individuals and will bring a wealth of skills to your business.

So, if you have a vacancy and need a “safe pair of hands” to keep the seat warm, or a specific project or business problem that needs addressing quickly consider hiring an interim manager.

Benjamin Edwards maintains a database of over 400 interim managers in finance, professional services and marketing. Our candidate search will help you filter our talent by skill set.


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