3 ways to shine at interview

You are one of the lucky few that has their resume go from the pile of applicants to the pile of interviews, and while you are not out of the woods and employed just yet, you are about to encounter the high pressure world of the job interview. Now, if you have been employed previously it may have been awhile since you have needed to wow a potential employer with your skills, and sell yourself. If you are out of practice or just feel like you need a little help securing the job of your dreams, you have come to the right place to go over all of the best tips to get you into that corner office.

Show no fear and be confident

I know that interviewing can get your heart racing and your anxiety levels rising, but the moment you sit down at that table or desk to interview, you have to be as cool as a cucumber. You can work on this by giving yourself enough time to arrive five to ten minutes early and having time to do some deep breathing exercises to relax your body. If they have magazines or newspapers out, leaf through them in an effort to relax your mind before you have to start answering questions.

When appearing confident, be sure to project it first, through your body language. Sit upright and project your voice. Have a hearty handshake and look the interviewer directly in the eye. When responding to questions look the individual who asked the question directly in the eye. The more confident you seem the less you will second guess your answers and your own abilities.

Practice your answers and potential questions

In job listings and postings you will get an idea of what they are looking for in a potential employee. You may have used these clues to make your resume or cover letter position specific, and you will need to refer to this posting again before your interview in an effort to showcase why you would be a great fit.

If they mention required skills in the posting, you will know what they will be looking for in the interview. Beyond the clues listed in the advertisement, you can count on some of the traditional questions like, “Why would you want to work here,” “Where do you want to be in five years,” “What can you bring to this position,” among others.

Put your strengths on display

If your experience as a graphic designer sets you apart or your managerial experience, or small business ownership sets you a part from the pack, you should bring that up or relate as many of the questions they ask you to your strength. Never leave an interview wishing they asked the right questions to impress them, go out and make your strengths known early and often. Do not just tell them you’re an asset to their company, show them what they need to know!

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