Top 6 Simple but Effective CV Writing Tips

Great CV writing is most definitely an art form. Writing your CV may well be one of the most daunting prospects of your job search mission. You are faced with a blank piece of paper. How on earth do you start?

Many employers will receive tens, if not hundreds of CVs for their most popular job openings and therefore can’t always take the time to read each one carefully, but instead, will spend just a few seconds scanning for the most relevant information.

At Benjamin Edwards, we help job hunters craft their CV and get their selling points across. We’ve curated 6 tips for great CV writing. Don’t procrastinate, start now and send us your CV or give us a call if you are stuck. We are here to help.

  1. Short and sweet

A CV should be no more than 2/3 pages (max 4) (A4) in length. Your potential employer doesn’t need to know your life story or every detail of every job you’ve had since you were 15. Keep it short and to the point and try to only include the most relevant information for the role you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a few different roles, it may well be worth creating more than one CV with tailored information for each role.

  1. Include a personal statement

Again, keep things short but be sure to include a statement on how you and your experience can relate to the job in question. This is also something you should touch upon in your cover letter.

  1. Don’t leave gaps

Don’t lie, but don’t leave gaps. If you have been out of work for some time it can be a worry but try to put a positive spin on it. Perhaps you have been doing a course or some volunteering?

  1. Triple check for spelling and grammar

One of the biggest “do not’s” when it comes to CV writing is making spelling and grammar mistakes. Triple-check your work, but also ask others to have a read through things for you. You could ask a friend or relative or you can pay a copywriter/checker to go through your document for you.

  1. Make it look great!

An employer will most likely be skimming through another 50+ CVs so it’s important to make yours stand out. Bullet points are very gratefully received by all CV readers. Oh, and please don’t use Comic Sans, Word Art, or anything else too fancy-pants. Arial 11 point will do fine.

  1. Keywords!

If you’ve uploaded your CV to a job site for recruiters to come to you, you need to ensure your CV is full of keywords around your area of expertise. If you’re a marketing expert you’ll include words like ‘digital’ ‘marketing’, ‘SEO’, or ‘PPC’. If you’re an accountant use words like ‘finance’, ‘management accountant’ or ‘qualified’ or ‘part-qualified accountant’. Don’t spam your CV with keywords but ensure they’re in there if you can.

Find your next position

At Benjamin Edwards, we do advertise some vacancies on mainstream job websites.  However, we predominantly fill positions through direct networking, headhunting, and our existing contacts.
Here at Benjamin Edwards, we offer a consultative, personal and honest service to all our candidates. We are great listeners and really get to know you well.  We will offer you consistent support along your recruitment journey, whether that be in Accountancy & Finance, Marketing, IT, Procurement, HR, Office, or Management & Executive.

The Benjamin Edwards litmus test for recruiting into a company is “would we enjoy working there?”
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