Ref - Finance Director/Financial Controller – 4218

Finance Director/Financial Controller

A highly respected ACMA Finance Director with significant experience in several complex multi-billion euro international manufacturing companies. A talented leader, driving finance and management teams to achieve corporate goals and objectives while engendering positive team morale and enthusiasm. A professional, balanced and approachable individual. They have broad management and financial accounting knowledge along with financial planning and reporting experience. They possess excellent business acumen and gain full understanding of system and operational processes of my company in order to recommend, as well as drive, efficiency and productivity improvements. They have strong experience in the implementation and use of SAP along with associated change management, proving themselves to be adaptable and open to change, having experienced different organisational cultures throughout their career.
  • Finance and Business lead for the UK implementation of SAP ERP across both UK business locations;
  • responsible for managing a significant change in processes and procedures for the UK operations.
  • leading revised reporting from SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence and Excel to ensure the UK Business could produce meaningful reporting to support its operations and to meet its statutory reporting requirements
  • Key Finance lead in the UK merger of two companies
  • Responsible for the centralisation of the UK accounting function in the Peterborough office and distribution centre resulting in the elimination of non-value added activities and headcount reductions;
  • Reorganisation of Finance team to better support changing business needs by reviewing team skills, reallocation of tasks, mentoring staff, elimination of non value added tasks, automation of processes using various excel tools, performance management and promoting and recruiting staff where necessary.
  • Finance lead for a new investment in a centralised Distribution Centre eliminating the need for third party warehouses and the associated transport, storage and handling costs resulting in annual savings in excess of £1m which included;
  • Product and customer profitability analysis relating to significant capital investments and other business decisions which resulted in production relocation
  • Ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Lead implementation of new stock count system to improve stock count procedures within manufacturing and distribution prior to the implementation of SAP.
  • Analysis of reporting and information required from antiquated Rubicon system and lead IT and other business leaders to implement the necessary information required for operational and financial reporting in order to improve decision making



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