Working From Home: Designing Your Workspace For Success

If you are working from home, it’s important to organise your workspace to maximise productivity and output. If you don’t like your workspace, this will have a direct impact on your productivity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can design your workspace for success!

Reduce Noise

We all know that noise can be distracting – especially when you’re trying to work. A lot of noise can make it impossible to concentrate. If possible find a quiet area of your home, invest in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones and you could even try buying a “do not disturb” sign for your door if you’re finding unwanted intruders a problem!

Have a designated break area

Separating your work and non-work life can be tricky when you work from home. Just like how we said you should designate a part of your home to your working space, it’s equally as important to have a set break area. Taking breaks is essential for productivity and reducing stress. Try to dedicate an outdoor area like a balcony or patio space, or even your sofa as your “break area”. This also helps your mind to distinguish and disconnect from work and leisure time.

Natural Light

You may need to rely on artificial in the evening but where possible, try to rely on natural light for the rest of the working day. Try to position your workspace near a window or patio doors and position your desk to receive as much natural light as possible. This will help to reduce stress all while saving some £££ on your electricity bill.

Decorate with plants!

Potted plants are one of the best ways to breathe new life into your office space. This affordable decorative idea helps your office space to look great while also keeping the air inside the office fresh!

Get rid of clutter

Have a clear out of old paperwork, office supplies and any other junk that’s cluttering up your office space. This little hack will help to boost productivity and reduce stress – but remember, even after you’ve had the initial clear out to keep on top of your clutter!

On a similar note, reduce your digital clutter too! Keep your desktop clean and tidy and your documents in their allocated folders. It’ll make your digital files much easier to find!

Here are some gorgeous home office ideas we found whilst on a break!


The design of your office can play a big role in your productivity and stress levels. Design a space that feels right for you and don’t be afraid to make changes if things aren’t working out. It’s your space!

And here are our ideas for “How to Stay Focussed Working from Home”


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