Life-Changing Reasons to Work from Home

In an ever-changing digital era many professions can now be done remotely, especially in the finance market. Here’s the question, though. Why would you want to work from home?

There are several answers to that question. Some of them depend on the employer, but most of them are good for the employee. In fact many people don’t want to return to the long commute. Here are some more benefits to remote working.

Flexibility: Working from home means working the hours you want to work for most people. True, there are times when it will have to be during certain hours, but it’s flexible. If something is going on during the day that needs attention, working later hours… or earlier hours… can see to the job.

Multitasking: Instead of going to the break room for a cup of coffee, someone working from home could get the dishwasher or laundry going. The machine does its work while the employee does theirs. If there’s something on the TV or radio, the home employee is free to have it on and work while keeping an eye on it.

Emergencies: This is a great benefit for both employee and employer. It could be an ice storm, flooding or any number of other problems. People are told to stay home and to definitely stay off the roads. As long as they have power, the home-based employee can still work. This is even better when the employee has a generator and the power is out. The company may not be able to work but the employee can.

Peace and quiet: Let’s face it, in an open floor office or even in cubicles, it can get loud. People are talking on the phone or to each other. The floor creaks when someone walks on it. Someone is coughing or sneezing constantly. All of that is wearing on the nerves and can drive productivity down. At home, peace and quiet reigns.

Staying fit: It is a lot easier to work exercise in when no one is watching. An employee who works from home can take a walk around the block on their coffee break. A five-minute exercise routine can be employed. Chair-robics can be introduced, which will help both with ergonomics and with the prevention of the problems sitting too long causes.

There are people that thrive in a work environment. There are people who don’t. Having the option can be a benefit to the company, the customer and the employee. It is well worth considering. If your boss doesn’t offer it, make a suggestion!

Whilst you are looking at your device why not search our database to see if there is a suitable opportunity for you. Don’t worry if there is not, contact us instead and tell us what job you are looking for.

Here’s our tips on how to stay focussed when working from home!

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