Top interview questions for 2020

The aim of any interview is for you, the employer, to decide if the interviewee has the perfect skills to succeed in the advertised role. Chances are a lot of effort has gone into creating the ideal job advert, description and screening of potential candidates so both the candidate and the company alike, will want to make sure everything goes smoothly at the interview stage.

To make sure you’re hiring the best candidate for the job, we have picked top 4 must-ask interview questions to find your ideal employee!

1.”What are you looking for in your next position?”

This question is perfect for getting an overall sense of what the candidate wants from the position they’re applying for. They may also specify the type of company they wish to work for or the environment they want to work in. It would help if you encouraged the candidate to speak about both their short term and long term goals and what they wish to achieve through the role.

2. “Why are you the best choice for the role?”

An excellent candidate should believe in themselves and their ability to tackle the role to a beyond standard level. This question opens the doors for the applicant to speak about their skills and strengths and perhaps previous similar positions that they have performed well. You’ll also be able to get a feel for how well prepared the candidate is. A prepared candidate should be able to quickly answer this question as they will be well aware of the job specification and be able to relate their skills and experiences to it.

3. “What are your salary expectations?”

Much of the time you will have outlined the salary of the role within your job advert or description. However, it is still something that should be addressed at interview. Remember it is not just about the pay but the full benefits package.

4. “What is your greatest success and your greatest failure?”

Asking this question opens the doors for candidates to speak about their accomplishments as well as how they have learned from their failures. The most significant thing you will learn about the candidate here is how they handle their errors as well as things they may have sacrificed to accomplish their goals.

If you require help with your recruitment process or are a candidate seeking a new role, get in touch with Benjamin Edwards Recruitment today on 01522 412066.

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