Successful job hunters follow these 5 steps

Here is your five-step guide to finding your ideal job. Tried and tested by successful job hunters.

We are hopefully past the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, but shops remain closed, and many businesses are working from home and postponing new recruits to join their firms. Nevertheless, you must not lose faith as there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here is your five-step guide to finding your ideal job during these unsettling times.

1. Your CV under a microscope

How often do you read through your CV? How many times do you edit and update it? You would be surprised how much of your CV needs to be updated despite being unemployed. There are always changes that can be made to polish it to perfection. Ensure the presentation is clear, and your spelling, punctuation and grammar are all flawless. Try to keep your CV to two to three pages and start it with the most relevant points that make you stand out as a candidate as some employers might only read the first few lines.

Furthermore, you must ensure that you are well-versed in every aspect of your CV. Ensure you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in every piece of experience you have had in the past and be able to give examples of situations where you demonstrated your abilities. Evaluate your skills and areas you need to improve on and match your skill set with jobs you are interested in. This will show you what skills you are lacking in for a desired job and ones you need to improve on to be the ideal candidate. There are free online courses to assist you with this.

2. Networking & Social Media

LinkedIn and Twitter are invaluable sources in order to connect with those in the line of business you want to enter. Use them frequently, update your profile, share relevant content, join discussions and make yourself visible to companies you want to work for. It might be a good idea to drop a message to people in your network telling them how keen and interested you are in what they do and what tips they have for you to enter their line of business. Be flattering but do not consistently pester them! Check if the company you want to work for have Instagram and Facebook. Keep up to date on all their latest news and announcements so you’re already an expert for when your interview arrives!

3. Stand out

Ensure you are not just sitting around at home waiting for your ideal job to arrive. Be pro-active. Are you doing any volunteering? Are you blogging about the line of business you want to be in? Make yourself stand out. What causes are you passionate about? Bear all this in mind, it could be an interesting talking point for employers in your interview.

4. Prepare for your interview

With virtual interviews being the new norm due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to perform well in them. Make sure your internet is as efficient as it can be. You do not want your voice and face to crackle and have to ask your interviewer to repeat the question while on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Ensure you test your sound before your interview, and you are in the quietest room possible with a simple backdrop and good lighting in the room – no nasty shadows to villainise you! Use your headphones with their built-in mic as this will improve the sound quality relaying back to your interviewer.

Make sure you are sat ready and prepared five minutes before the start of the interview. Do not let the comfort of your own home affect the way you dress. Dress professionally, as if it were a face-to-face interview in the office. Keep what you are saying concise and hook your interviewer in during your first sentence to sustain their interest. Communication skills are vital for any job, so this is your chance to show them off.

5. Never stop searching

It can be so tempting to pause your job search during lockdown, but please refrain from doing so. It’s impressive for future employers to know that despite everything, you were still persistently searching for employment and determined.

In addition, your target industry/company might not be slowing down during the pandemic in relation to new employees. Ensure if you make it to the interview stage that you ask what the next steps are if you secure a job. Use examples in the past where you have overcome challenging situations and apply them to the industry you are being interviewed by. Home in on examples where profit and/or advantage has been gained for a business you worked for. Emphasise your flexibility with working remotely and reassure them of your ability to work from home during the pandemic.

Overall, do not stop searching and do not lose hope. Like I said at the beginning, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and one day this will be over. But for now, polish your CV, network, be proactive, prepare for interviews and never stop searching – your ideal job is in sight. And here are some jobs that you can apply for. Make sure to save a short cut to our website in your favourites bar!


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