New 3 Rs for Recruitment in 2020: Reboot; Redefine; Reposition

Now is the time for you to reboot your recruitment approach for the new world of work.

There is no doubt that our shared experience during the RONA times of 2020 will have far reaching changes for us all as individuals, families, employers and employees. Rather than this be a doom-laden blog post, we have put on our positive pants, and want to share with you our re-imagined thoughts on the traditional 3 Rs and turn them towards the new 3 Rs for recruitment.

  1. Reboot

How has your business been during the lockdown and re-start process? After the initial big gulp that we all took, when circumstances began to resemble a new “normal” and interest started to trickle in, how is your business looking? Is it fit for purpose in the years ahead? Architects have been having a think around what the new work environment could look like once the Covid episode as passed. It certainly makes for interesting reading. Smaller, premises, staggered start times, the end of open-plan offices and lots of no-touch features.

Instead of building infrastructure, look at your people infrastructure. This is a new time, a clean, sanitised sheet, an opportunity for you to have a big rethink about how you do work, where you do work and what are the skills you need in the post-Covid landscape that will build your business.

  1. Redefine

Now you have had some thoughts about how your business is structured for the future, you need to challenge and redefine the people skills that your business needs to secure and make that future. Because the roles have changed due to virtual work, or new technologies, the ideal candidate may have changed a bit or a great deal. What once was a great ideal candidate and hire may now be a subpar delivery to a sales, operations or leadership team. Who are your new targets? If you don’t define the targets clearly you will never be able to find them adequately.

  1. Reposition

So, you have done some navel-gazing and working on your business, it is now time to challenge the way you have traditionally looked for talent for your business. This is really a marketing exercise. You need to approach the way you look for the right people to fit your post-Covid business in the way you look for new business. look at job postings and marketing based on who you are looking for. Where is the best place to connect with them? What type of connection should be made? How can you speak their language and gain their interest? How can you add value to their world? What will attract your ideal candidate?

Commentators report that there are 28 million active LinkedIn users in the UK. LinkedIn has certainly had a resurgence in the last 12 months with even Boris Johnson becoming a new convert. Whilst the platform has undergone many changes since 2003, it still seems to be more trusted by professionals as a network builder than the dominant FaceBook social platform that although has 2.5 billion global users has experienced some drop off around trust issues.

Navigating these options can be a costly exercise for any business. A multi-channel approach is the best idea.

To get the best out of your limited budget and get the right people for your business, here is why you should contact us at Benjamin Edwards, we are adaptable and on your side, helping businesses achieve their people goals.

So why choose Benjamin Edwards?

  • We are great listeners and offer an honest, refreshing and ethical approach to recruitment
  • Solid local knowledge of both candidates and companies in Lincolnshire & surrounding areas
  • We combine old school recruitment with new-age technology
  • Full end to end recruitment process
  • Advertising
  • Free local market analysis & advice
  • Free remuneration package advice
  • Search & Selection
  • Retained services for senior appointments
  • Outplacement support if making redundancies​
  • CV advice
  • Careers guidance
  • Proactive candidate promotion


If you want to know more, or have a difficult recruitment issue please do get in touch!

Difficult to talk at work? Then contact us outside of office hours on: 07585035316


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