Ref - IT Engineer Ref 5224

IT Engineer

A dynamic and motivated IT Engineer with the background and proven work ethic to guide and support business development, strategic solutions, security, and more within the technology sector. Known for delivering excellent service in fast-paced environments, with the skillset to analyse complex information, manage key projects, provide superior service, and lead diverse individuals. Comfortable working in teams or independently, to ensure solutions consistently meet or exceed business goals.
  • Lead the company as founder and owner by overseeing all operations, sales, account management, as well as new hire training and development.
  • Create and commission Microsoft Servers, Office 365 suites, Microsoft Online Exchange, as well as Google Workspaces both on-site and in Cloud, implementing all necessary security protocols.
  • Obtain and build service level agreements with over 30 clients over the course of 4 years.
  • Expand the company through innovative solutions and strategic initiatives in order to succeed in a highly competitive and saturated IT market; foster good client relationships ensuring each client was well informed and satisfied as well as establish a high turnaround time with professional expertise.
  • Support accuracy of employee payroll processes by tracking attendance logs and monitoring expenses.
  • Enhance client consultations, determine needs through team management, and apply effective upselling techniques as well as practical communication to increase customer interest and build relationships.
  • Contribute thorough support and knowledge in order to assist with team assignments and deliverables.
  • Tailor products based on client needs in order to meet user specifications and improve customer experience and implement cost-effective solutions across teams in order to reduce production errors.
  • Administer remote first-line support for 70+ clients and employees during Covid lockdown periods, while certifying that company server security was not compromised.
  • Conduct backup and disaster recovery services for companies and generate financial and business forecasts to facilitate accurate budgets and timelines.
  • Consulted with various clients to provide technical support through Microsoft and Linux end-user systems, resolving varied issues across internal and external applications; managed 20 clients on a weekly basis.
  • Surpassed service level agreements on a regular basis by maintaining excellent communication and prioritizing building solid, lasting client relationships.
  • Navigated the maintenance, installation, and upgrade of a range of systems including Microsoft Office (now 365) server deployment and infrastructure.
  • Mentored and guided new IT technician trainees regarding new software, systems, and applications.
  • Conducted emergency recovery procedures during server malfunctions, successfully retrieving data through backup solutions previously implemented.
  • Coordinated regular backups and virus safety inspections on computers weekly, ensuring the protection and security of company files, as well as the integrity and functioning of hardware and components; performed 10 SLAs weekly.
  • Directed diagnostics and repairs of software components to ensure the efficient running of computer systems, and led troubleshooting for client Apple technologies including iOS, iPads, Apps, and Mac.
  • Headed the preparation, setup, and installation of new workstations for employees as instructed by managers, and installed the latest Endpoint Security software on company iPads, phones, and computers.
  • Ran risk assessments and safety inspections on computers ensuring hardware, wiring, and electrical components were safe for use, including emergency assessments and retrievals within 24 hours.
  • Generated leads, developed new accounts and retained existing clients by extending high quality, professional, and efficient support service at all times.
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