Ref - Assistant Accountant – Ref 5981

Assistant Accountant

AAT qualified Assistant Accountant currently studying for ACCA qualification, with 5+ years experience in finance roles. Thorough, with excellent attention to detail, a good problem solver, and good at breaking things down clearly for others to understand. Seeking an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge alongside their studies, in Lincoln & surrounds
  • Responsible for the financial reporting of large site
  • Produce weekly profit and loss reports, using data sourced from the accounting system
  • Update and track reports on usage and price variance, labour, distribution and more
  • Correspondence with other teams such as Operational Accounts, Commercial Accounts, Payroll and more
  • Strict time management
  • Produce a large weekly overheads report, reviewing department spending, making notes of any large anomalies and investigating. This is used to draw up detail on prepayments and accruals to be made at the month end.
  • Reconciliations on overheads and accruals, to keep a track of the figures from the weekly reports across the year versus invoices sent or received to allow calculation for accruals or prepayments each month at month-end
  • Prepare the month-end profit and loss and prepare the final accruals and prepayments to discuss with the financial accountant before posting, finalising, and then being sent on to the financial controller and Group, with the Board of Directors
  • Post month-end balance sheet reconciliations, individual reports that are run on a weekly basis for specific departments as well as updating trackers for labour, and product and invoice price variances
  • Ad hoc tasks
  • Run variances reports from the factory for the operations team, as well as looking into enquiries on reports and invoices from various departments
  • When the financial accountant is on leave, responsible for running the reports as well as having access to the system for uploading final reports to Group finance
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