7 ways to attract, keep and motivate your employees during a pandemic

The force behind every successful business is your employees.  Even when the economy has slowed down, there is still a competitive market for good candidates and you still want your company profile to be envied. It is your employees who make a business successful. They are the ones who believe in what they do and put their heart into their work.  Even if unemployment is high, finding good workers is still tricky for employers, keeping them is even harder. Business owners and managers need to work at not only finding the best new recruits but keeping them motivated enough to stay.

How are you communicating with your workforce?

Are your furloughed staff being treated like mushrooms and being kept in the dark, or are you communicating with them regularly? It makes all the difference to a remote worker to know that even though they are not present or in the office, the firm still values their contributions. Vital for when we are beginning to emerge into new trading patterns post-pandemic.

Reward and recognition

Although pay is a big part of working life, employers need to do so much more to make their staff feel happy, it’s not all about the money. People need to feel valued, even if it’s just telling them how good a job they do from time to time.

But to enhance productivity, a reward system needs to make workers feel they have earned bonuses, extra leave, etc. ‘Employee of the Month’ is meaningless if little is needed to achieve this status, and not at all motivational.

Career development

Reward and recognition are great for short-term motivation but employers need to think long-term if they want to retain good workers. A career development programme is essential, allowing workers to upgrade their skills, master work-related techniques, and help them to advance both professionally and personally. It’s good for your business reputation if you are a company that allows its staff to learn and grow – making the business of recruitment even easier.

Create a green environment

People are more environmentally aware – not really surprising given recent fears over climate change. Creating a green environment says a lot about your business, not just recycling paper but thinking about energy consumption, encouraging car sharing, and offering expenses for those that travel by bicycle and reducing waste.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering healthy snacks in the vending machine or organising a lunchtime walk shows your employees that it’s not just the work they do, but the people themselves that matter.

Employee ownership

Having ownership in the company also motivates employees. They may turn up on time every single day but if their mind is elsewhere when they arrive, this doesn’t help your productivity levels! They need to have some kind of ownership over the work they do, no matter how small this may seem, which gives them a purpose for being at work. This is what drives a workforce and helps the business be successful.

Feedback and assessments

Periodical evaluations and assessments through supervision and feedback will show how much you value staff. It also gives them an understanding of expectations, giving guidelines for moving themselves and the company forward. A pat on the back costs nothing but is priceless in terms of self-esteem.


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your workers are human beings, with needs, emotions and both personal and professional ups and downs. If you keep this in mind and get to know them as individuals, not just the ‘sales team’ it will be easier to understand what motivates them, what is important to them and how to incentivise them.

This in turn nurtures loyalty and ownership – and the desire to stay in a job that makes people happy is almost always stronger than the desire to become a millionaire and retire early.


So why choose Benjamin Edwards?

  • We are great listeners and offer an honest, refreshing, and ethical approach to recruitment
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