3 benefits of remote work for companies and employees

Working from home can have huge advantages for companies and their employees alike. Take a look at the top 3 benefits of remote work below:

1. Working from home is more productive. A recent survey by The Wall Street Journal found that many workers believe they could do their job from home for at least several weeks. This was particularly prevalent in those in tech, finance.

Studies of remote workers from Stanford Graduate School of Business and from Harvard Business School have found that productivity can be between 4% to 13% higher when employees are working from home. Self-reports from employees who work remotely consider their productivity advantage even higher, with over 70% of participants claiming that they believe they’re more productive when working remotely, and 30% claim that remote work helps them accomplish more in less time.

Why is this? There are many reasons for this increased productivity, including fewer distractions, less need for sick days, avoidance of unnecessary meetings and phone calls and more time spent on deep work when working from home.

2. It can save your company money. Letting employees work from home can save businesses money by allowing them to reduce office space and therefore, the costs associated with this. With fewer employees to provide office space for, businesses can save money on office leases/rent and also on expenses such as utilities, printing, and office snacks.

How can this also save employees money? For starters, you’ll have no commuting costs, no office wardrobe, and less temptation to spend money on lunch or coffee near the office. This means remote workers can expect to save several thousand pounds annually.

3. Numerous studies have found that remote workers are often happier and more satisfied with their jobs than their in-office counterparts. They’re also healthier, due to having more time to sleep, exercise, or maintain a healthy diet. This uptick in wellness and happiness might also help to explain why remote employees also have higher retention rates – with up to 95% of employers stating that remote work increases their employees’ retention.

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